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About Us

How We Became Successful

Provide Support has been providing live chat and real time monitoring solution since 2003. With more than 10000 customers all over the globe we are proud to say that our service has become helpful for various industries and improved both their sales and customer service quality.

Why Provide Support Live Chat?

What makes our live chat software outstanding? This is not only the rich set of features and stability, this is the team that works hard to make the product better, develop new features, showing at the same time how to provide outstanding customer service.


通过提供live chatservice on our own website we demonstrate our customers how the system works and our team shows how to provide outstanding customer support via live chat. In our blog we share our own experience, valuable customer service tips and tricks and teach our audience how to assist through live chat channel.

Almost all modern customers expect to see a click to chat button on a website. By adding this tool you will not only improve your customer service level, but will also increase website credibility as well as sales. At Provide Support we will be glad to assist you and help your business grow.

PDF Overview

2018年最多一天Major Upgrades

A new era of customer experience where the customer is king brought new rules demanding live chat software to be faster, more user friendly, convenient and stable. Today we focus on a total system redesign to meet new requirements and industry standards. This is not only front-end redesign. This is about redesign of the whole system starting from the back end.

2011 - 2017Tough Competition

More and more vendors start appearing on the market of customer service software, offering live chat solutions and customer service portals. This is the time when businesses realize the importance of high quality of customer service.


Our team grew during this time period as well as the number of customers and industries using our service. Stability, integration simplicity and nice design attract new customers who try live chat software on their websites.



2003-2005Product Launch

We made our first steps as a live chat and real time monitoring software provider. Since that time we have loyal customers who have been staying with us for all these years.


超过10 000sites using live chat

成千上万的企业使用我们的Live Chat Widget全球客户服务需求188bet手机版客户端

North America








Sales and Support

When calling regarding existing accounts please have your account name or invoice number ready.


Provide Support is
a Live Chat for Your Business

Powerful live chat allows you to easily manage your support and can help you improve your customer service workflow


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